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The painting of Juliet Ezenwa Maja-Pearce
Exhibitions by the Artist

  • 1992: Exhibition of prints and
    paintings with Willibrod Haas,
    Goethe Institute, Lagos.
  • 1993: Recent Paintings of
    Ezenwa (solo exhibition) IBB
    Golf Club, Abuja.
  • 1995: Nigerian Contemporary
    Art Exhibition, World
    Intellectual Property
    Organisation, Geneva,
  • 1996: Faces (solo exhibition),
    Russian Cultural Centre,
  • 1997: Women in Art, Abuja.
  • 1998: Abuja Arts Bazaar.
  • 2000: Female Genital
    Mutilation in Nigeria, London.
  • 2001: Maiden Dance (solo
    exhibition), Lagos.
  • 2002: First Annual
    UNICEF/Nicon Hilton Art
    Exhibition, Abuja.
  • 2003: Lost Innocence (solo
    exhibition), Lagos.
currently on display at the
following institutions around

  • The National Gallery
    of Art, Lagos.
  • The Nigerian
    Commission, Lagos.
  • Signature Art
    Gallery, Lagos.
  • Nimbus Art Gallery,
  • Quintessence Art
    Gallery, Lagos.
  • The Abuja Centre for
    Arts and Culture,
  • Rockview Hotel,
Over the years she has worked in collaboration with non-governmental organisations which
focus on women and children. The experiences resulted in the Annual Abuja Art Bazaar,
where young artists can exhibit their works free of charge, and the Annual Women in Art
Fair, where upcoming women artists can exhibit their works, also free of charge.

In 2001, Juliet collaborated with the Rivers State Ministry of Culture and Tourism to conduct
a workshop for young people called ‘Future Perfect’, which climaxed in an exhibition
showcasing their crafts.

Since 2001, she has been exhibiting paintings on the theme of  the maiden dance. The
most recent was called ‘Reflections’, held at the Maison de France in Lagos in March,

Contact Juliet Ezenwa Maja-Pearce through: Tel: +234 803 348 4919; +234 1 894 8824.
Publishers of New Writing and Images