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We Against Them

We against them
And we sat on desks of mahogany
shaming the computers
with our brains
so small yet so powerful.

And we toiled in sweat
shaming the machines
with our hands
so frail yet so strong.

And we sang
shaming the radios
with our throats
so parched yet so sweet.

And we fought
shaming the trained solders
with our pens
so insignificant yet so dangerous.

And we grew
shaming their bribery
with hard work
so painful, yet so honorable.

My First Neighbour

My first neighbour
When I open the door
I see her, my first neighbour
radiating beauty, caught in a web.
I close the door and leave
She doesn’t say goodbye.

The next day I open the door
I see her again.
Maybe she is smiling
I smile back, close the door and leave.
She doesn’t say hello.

I can’t concentrate in school.
I keep thinking about her.
I rush back home and open the door
She doesn’t say welcome.
I pick up a broom
And down she goes, dead.
Little Miss Spider.

Bon Voyage

The raising dust
Jingling of the maracas
Clatter of beaded feet
Nodding heads of approval.

Kegs of palm wine
Plates of food
Beating of the wooden gong
The open ground.

Dance of the hidden ghosts
To the new arrival
Mourning of the living ones
Paying last respects
To the soul beneath the ground.

My Stolen Jewel

My stolen jewel
The glasses, the eyes
The pair of socks.
The bag, the blouse
The pair of shoes.

Her scent, her aura
The smell of blood.
The hole, the tears
My heart is hot.

She cried she tried
They did the work.
Her pain, her love
They took it all.

I stare, I fear
My life is hurt.
They shot they fled
My wife is dead.


Two heads are better than one
Two good heads are better
Than twenty dull ones.

Two million naira is better than one
Two hard earned million is better
Than twenty stolen ones.

Two friends are better that one
Two good friends are better
Than twenty ‘hello’ ones.

Two loafs are better than one
Two tasty loafs are better
Than twenty burnt ones.

Two men are better than one
Two fearless men are better
Than twenty cowardly ones.

Two women are better that one
But I’ d rather take one
Two women, double trouble.