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Publications: Loyalties and Other Stories, Harlow: Longman, 1986. ISBN:
0582786282. The publishers called this collection ‘enigmatic’. A new
Nigerian edition will be published in 2010.
In My Father’s Country, London: Wm Heinemann, 1987. ISBN: 0434441708.
The author took a journey through Nigeria in the mid-1980s after a 16-year
absence to find out what the country meant to him. A Nigerian edition will be
published in 2010.
How many miles to Babylon? London: Wm Heinemann, 1990. ISBN:
0434441724. This was a sequel to the above but based in Britain, the
author’s mother country.
Who’s Afraid of Wole Soyinka? Oxford: Heinemann Educational Books,
1991. ISBN: 0435909770. Essays on censorship when the author worked
as Africa editor of the London-based Index on Censorship, in which
capacity he  travelled extensively through Africa writing about the likes of
President-for-Life Ngwazi Dr H. |Kamuzu Banda of the Homburg hat and the
three-piece suit.
A Mask Dancing, London: Hans Zell, 1992. ISBN: 0905450992. This is a
study of the Nigerian novel in English concentrating mainly on the 1980s. A
Nigerian edition will be published in early 2010.
From Khaki to Agbada, Lagos: CLO, 1999. ISBN: 9783218891. This is a
handbook for the 1999 elections which had already been rigged in favour of
Obasanjo in order to placate the Yorubas for the suspected murder of
Remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa and Other Essays, Lagos: The New Gong,
2005. ISBN: 9783842012. This book consists of twenty-three essays were
written over fifteen years. The book itself was one of the original
publications of the site you are now reading.
The Heinemann Book of African Poetry in English, Oxford: Heinemann
Educational Books, 1990. ISBN: 0435913239. What it says it is.
Wole Soyinka: An Appraisal, Oxford: Heinemann Educational Books,
1994. ISBN: 0435911511. This is a collection of essays to celebrate
Soyinka’s 60th birthday.
Forthcoming: A Peculiar Tragedy: J.P. Clark-Bekederemo and the
Beginnings of Nigerian Literature in English
, ISBN: 979-978-076-614-6 This
will be published in early 2010 by YEMAJA, an imprint of The New Gong.

Professional: I run YEMAJA, an editorial services agency based at the
address below. I am also a partner in The New Gong.

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Personal: Adewale London,
England in 1953 and grew up in
Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a B.A.
from the University College of
Swansea, Wales and an M.A.
from the School of Oriental and
African Studies, University of
London. He was formerly editor
of the Heinemann African
Writers Series, and Africa editor
of Index on Censorship. He lives
in Lagos and is married to Juliet
Ezenwa, the artist: