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Online Search Advertising Through
The New Gong

Take your products, ideas and projects a long way by using
the long reach and target accuracy of online search
advertising through the agency of The New Gong media
company. Online search adverts are ad displays placed
beside results yielded when people make searches on the
internet through sites such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo or
Microsoft's Bing. Search advertising has proven very effective
in delivering the message because it is sure the display is
being made to someone already interested in something
related to what is being advertised. Therefore, more people
likely to be drawn to a product, project or idea are drawn to
the advert, which links them to the relevant internet site,
increasing the chances of your potential customers or
audience finding you.

How it works?
Online search ads can take the form of text, banner, photo or
video ads.  These ads are placed beside search results in
Google, Yahoo and Bing or on third-party websites. The
advertiser only pays to the platform provider when an ad
viewer clicks on the ad display. Hence the name,
pay-per-click. These ads are displayed to potential viewers
not only on the basis of subject or thematic relevance, but
also on the basis of geographical relevance. An add more
relevant in Nigeria would, therefore, be displayed to people
whose IP (internet protocol) addresses show they're in
Nigeria. To further illustrate this, a person reading Vanguard
newspaper online in Washington D.C. will get ad displays
about things of interest in the Washington area, while a
person reading the same paper online in Nigeria, will be
exposed to ads about things potentially of interest in Nigeria.
Internet search ad providers employ algorithms that use a
combination of thematic and geographic triangulation to
narrow down your ad exposures to people most likely to be
interested in your product.

Where The New Gong comes in?
The New Gong functions as an associate of internet ad
providers, with whom it maintains ad accounts that enables it
to place internet ads for interested companies and
organizations. And what's more? The New Gong will not only
help you write and produce your copy but will also choose for
you the best sequence of placements to achieve the best
results. For further information and your own bespoke
service, contact us using the following details:
Tel: +234 8092118574