Author Profile: Juliet Ezenwa Maja-Pearce

For many years , Ezenwa Maja-Pearce was just content to paint, exploring a variety of themes including childhood, maidenhood and everyday life, capturing scenes we tend not to notice because they’ve become too familiar. Then through her work and interactions with other artists, she came to the realization that the issues of current concern in contemporary Nigerian are in need of some structured narration.

The result was the publication of Issues in Contemporary Nigerian Art with The New Gong in 2014, where a range of practitioners were given the platform to present their different perspectives. There was a very positive reception to the publication both among specialists, academics and the general reader as well, amounting in effect to asking for more. Ezenwa-Pearce is responding with a new series now in the works, even while painting and exhibiting continue apace.

Born in 1968, Ezenwa-Pearce is a graduate of the Delta State University, Abraka, in southern Nigeria. In a bid to produce art that will remain relevant, she continuously experiments with materials and methods so as to best express her art.

Ezenwa-Pearce is a multi-media artist versatile in water colours, acrylic, oil, pastel, gouache, printmaking, sculptures and installations, mirrors and found objects. The result of her experimentation was the introduction of her own printmaking method.

Widely exhibited at home and abroad, her always-evolving works have earned her many followers around the world. Her works frequently call attention to social consequences of abusing the rights of women and environmental degradation.

Issues in Contemporary Nigerian Art is a survey of modern Nigerian art since the turn of the new millennium. It features contributions from leading
Nigerian academics, as well as the artists themselves. It is extensively illustrated throughout.

Produced with support from The Ford Foundation, the book was officially presented to the public on 8 August 2015, at the Lagos office of The New Gong, 11 Abiona Close, Off Falolu Rd., Surulere.

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