About Us

The New Gong, is an innovative publishing house working out of Lagos, Nigeria, which seeks to showcase the best of Nigerian writing in English. Set up in 2005, it was a response to the dearth of publishing options that Nigerian writers faced. Publishing platforms provided from the colonial days by some British publishers, such as Heinemann and Longman, as the disposable income of most citizens disappeared under the austerity regimes of the 1980s and 1990s.

In the aftermath, most Nigerian writers now looked to publishing companies in Europe and North America to not only publish their works, but also for affirmation. As a result people with little or no knowledge of Africa started acting as gatekeepers of what constitutes good or bad African literature.

Some of our publications

The New Gong’s mission is to light up a new path. It basically functions as a cooperative of writers leveraging on their own editorial, managerial and technical skills to produce quality books and help end reliance on foreign publishers. We have also embraced the electronic format, with most of our books having e-book editions.

The New Gong, in addition, provides a range of editorial services, including editing and pre-press processes. We as well provide stock photographs of Nigerian life for writers and publishers that need images to light up their work.